The Truth…?

So just how old are the Chinese gymnasts? 13…14…16?

If they’re under the regulation age, do they understand that they are breaking the spirit of the Olympic rules? And how do they feel about that? Or are they so steeped in the “winning at any cost” mindset…or in obedience to the state…or the importance of “face”…that they emotionally can’t do anything about it?

They are fantastic gymnasts–that much is clear. But are they also children who are being exploited by a government to prove they will do anything to win?

I have appreciated the comments of Johnson and Luitkin who have chosen not to join publicly in the controversy about their competitors’ ages, regardless of how they may be feeling personally.

“You shall know the truth…and the truth shall make you free.”

Knowing that they have obeyed the rules would–I think–make the American gymnasts feel better about knowing that they did the best they could.