“They will know we are Christians by our love…”

I thought about this song this morning as I was teaching our senior high class…

The reason it came to mind was because of a couple of stories I heard recently. In one of them, a young single mother, working as a waitress, had worked really hard to meet the needs of an after-church crowd at a nice restaurant. After they left, she saw what looked like a $20 bill on the table. She was really excited because this meant that she could pick up some much-needed supplies for her baby. However, when she picked it up, it was only a look-alike. On it was this note: “Were you excited when you thought this was a real $20 bill? How much more excited you would be if you only accepted Jesus as your savior.” The friend who was working with her–and who told this story–said that the young woman was really let down…and wondered how Christians could be so cruel as to pretend to lift someone up, only to drop them.

In the other story, a man indicated that one of their favorite restaurants would now be closed on Sunday. They had been closed on Monday, but they were now going to reopen that day and give their staff Sunday off. They knew it would cause them a significant loss of income–but it wasn’t for any religious reasons. When the owner was questioned as to why, the answer was this: “The Sunday crowd was rude, unappreciative, demanding, and difficult to work with. The restaurant was having problems getting staff willing to work on Sundays because they did not like the abuse they had to take from customers.”

I have no problems with people bearing a witness of their beliefs. But my dad had a saying that he often used: “What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say.”