We started Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago and it’s been going well…

I’d been counting points (using the Flex plan) because in many ways that seemed easier for bringing things to work. But this week I decided to go with the Core plan (eating whatever you want of some basic foods that are considered “free”).

The last two weeks I’d been watching how much cereal I’d been eating, because I had to count it. But Charlie brought home some whole-grain cereal yesterday that is free on the Core plan. So for supper last night I had a big bowl of it with some fruit. Oh, it tasted good! And I had another bowl this morning for breakfast.

Did I mention that one of the reasons he bought it was because he’d been wanting to get more fiber?

Well, I got plenty between these two bowls–and it’s creating a little bit of a challenging day!

I don’t think it would have been as much of a problem had I been moderate in my bowl size. But I decided that with that cereal, I could splurge. I did–and now I’m paying.

Weight Watchers says that there’s nothing wrong with an indulgence periodically–making an intentional choice to eat something and savor it. But what I did wasn’t an indulgence…  It wasn’t more along the lines of “I’ve been missing out–and I’m going to have all I want!”

Today’s serving as a reminder to me that in most cases there’s nothing wrong with having something I don’t normally have–but I need to do it as an intentional choice, be moderate in my selection, and savor it…not be a glutton!

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