We’re currently babysitting our “grandpuppy”–our daughter’s dog–while they’re away. She’s a schnoodle–but about half the size of our schnoodle…and several years older.

It’s Rascal’s home, but when Pepper comes over, she’s the top dog, and she’s not afraid to let Rascal know. Rascal has his favorite chair, his chew toys–and he loves to sit in my husband’s lap to watch the news. But Pepper takes over the chair, the chew–and the lap.

They’re neither one of them big dogs. Rascal weighs about 17 pounds, Pepper about 8. And there’s plenty of room for them both in the chair or on the lap. But will they share? Not on your life!

And will Rascal sit in my lap while Pepper’s in Charlie’s? Nope. He’s rather sulk on the floor!

Pepper brings her own food with her, but she’d rather check our Rascal’s. And Rascal–who is perfectly content with his food normally–is absolutely intrigued by Pepper’s.

Who says animals don’t show emotion? Who says that jealousy is limited to humans? All you have to do is watch these two dog “cousins” to know….that just ain’t true!