Final Four

Tonight is the basketball play-off that determines who gets to play in the NCAA championship game…and I’m going to watch! I don’t know that I’d be as interested except that KU is playing.

Did I mention that I live in Missouri?  And attended schools in Iowa and Missouri? But not in Kansas?

During the regular season, I would be rooting loudly against KU in all likelihood, but tonight I’ll be cheering them on. What makes the difference?

They’re the last team left standing from our Conference…they’ve played well to get there…they’ve overcome some significant obstacles–and have some more to overcome tonight…

I’m not usually a huge basketball fan, but this year, it’s gotten my attention. Maybe because there have been some “Cinderella” stories in the teams.

I’m really not sure why. My son laughed the other night when I told him I’d been watching–and asked “When did you become such a big sports fan?”

Maybe part of it is feeling a connection to my dad again. When I was growing up, Dad watched just about every sport he could find on TV–and that was with only three channels! Basketball, baseball, football, soccer (when it was on), racing… I can remember sitting with him and undoubtedly frustrating him with all the questions I would ask about why this team did that…or why wasn’t that acceptable…or… I definitely remember cheering loudly against the Green Bay Packers any time they were on!

Anyway, I am looking forward to tonight–and hoping that KU wins. But I also am hoping that all of the teams that have made it this far play well.